Artist Statement

Alec Aita is a contemporary artist based out of Easton, Maryland. His work explores a large spectrum of mediums including sculpture, painting, collage, photography, and video, bringing forth questions and exploration into identity and perception. Aita’s work has been shown in multiple venues around the country, is included in numerous private collections, and has participated in residencies internationally. He is currently represented by ArtHype Gallery in Los Angeles, California. 

Perception varies between individuals, presenting the opportunity to investigate, interpret, select, and organize sensory information in unique and deeply personal ways. While exploring the topics of identity and perception, Aita’s work deals with the emotional and cognitive response an individual can have to an object. He creates objects in order to provoke introspective awareness among humans as to provide an opportunity to reflect and confront experiences, beliefs, and biases.

Aita’s work consists of abstracted representations of disconnected realities, while impulsively reacting to a heightened physical and cognitive state. Providing room for visceral exploration, these bodies explore the tension between external and internal, providing a platform  to examine the physicality of these objects while hypnotically retreating to a retrospective point of view.

These series of works blur the boundaries of expressionism, modernism, and minimalism, formally opening up a continuous conversation pertaining to certain aesthetics.