Artist Statement

Alec Aita is a contemporary artist based out of Easton, Maryland. His work explores a large spectrum of mediums including sculpture, painting, collage, photography, and video, bringing forth questions and exploration into identity and perception. Aita’s work has been shown in multiple venues around the country, is included in numerous private collections, and has participated in residencies internationally. He is currently represented by ArtHype Gallery in Los Angeles, California.

Internal. External. Tension. The physical realm and the psychological reaction collide within the creator and the viewer. The unique experience of life engages each of us to create our own personal, visual and reactionary encounter with this esoteric body of work. Tangled between aesthetically pleasing and conceptually sophisticated, Aita's work invites the opportunity to confront personal question, biases, and beliefs. 

As perception is unique and varied among individuals, each engagement with this body of work allows viewers to use sensory information as a catalyst for introspective conversation. Created to bring forth topics that are deeply rooted, emotional, and cognitive, this body of work  prompts an internal and external confrontation while exploring topics of tensions while hypnotizing viewers, allowing them to retreat to a retrospective view and addressing current realities.

As viewers relinquish control to the object, they can address and eliminate presumptions, become recluse in their own thoughts, and confront personal questions, biases, and beliefs, resulting in an unpredictable reactionary and personal phenomenon. Although viewers may not arrive at the phenomenal reaction immediately, aspects of the journey through introspection will certainly occur. The outcome of art is purely based on the intention and execution of the artist in conjunction with the viewers life experiences. It is the artist’s job to take an object, whether from the world or the imagination and create visual poetry for the viewer decipher, without obstruction or distortion to the viewers translation. This unspoken, interpersonal communication between the artist and the viewer allows for personalized experiences within universal idea.